The practice and procedure of the Court is governed by the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Ordinance (Cap.484) (HKCFAO) and by the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Rules (Cap.484A) (HKCFAR) made under the Ordinance.

A CFA Rules Committee has been established to make rules prescribing the practice and procedure to be followed in all causes and matters in which the CFA has jurisdiction, and any matters incidental to or relating to that procedure or practice.

Practice Directions

The practice and procedure for the making of applications for leave to appeal is also addressed in Practice Direction 2.1 for civil appeals and Practice Direction 2.2 for criminal appeals.

Practice Direction 2.3 addresses the practice where leave to appeal has been granted in civil cases and sets out the terms of the standard order granting leave.

Practice Direction 2.4 addresses the issue of efficiency in the use of the Court's time. It limits the length of written materials submitted, hearings and oral submissions and filing time, both at the leave application stage and the substantive appeal stage. The rules laid down there are subject to the Court's discretion as a matter of case management.

How to Appeal